(a happy wife)
Luciano, here it is a picture of Luigi wearing his new suit: he looks great!”

Mrs E.F. – Treviso

(a joke)
Dario, you should pay for damages (laugh)! Since I began wearing your suits, all my other ones remain unused in my wardrobe…”

P.M. – Rovereto (Trento)

Hi Dario, please proceed with new trousers: the ones I have just worn perfectly fit!”

C.C. – Volano (Trento)

Hi Dario, trousers have arrived safe and sound: I wore them yesterday night, they are perfect. Thanks a lot and see you soon.”

L.P. – Isola Vicentina (Vicenza)

Hi Dario! The plaid jacket you made for me is incredible, I wear it as much as possible. Nevertheless, there is a problem: it always places me in the spotlight… but I am an attention seeker and the problem is easily solved!”

P.C. – Schio (Vicenza)

(a postcard from honeymoon)
Cayo Santa Maria – Cuba. Thank you to the staff of Sartoria Silvio Zanella for sewing the suit I wore in the happiest day of my life. Very special thanks to Luciano who took care and…chased me to make everything perfect!

G.M. – Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza)

Dario… you have become so good! You made amazing suits for me.”

G.L.Q. – Cornedo (Vicenza)

Good morning, jacket received, perfect! Dario, next time you stop by Rovereto call and show me your new models.”

T.M. – Rovereto (Trento)

Hi Dario, the latest fitting was fine, only few finishing and the suit will be ready. A good job… my wedding suit was a beautiful project we realised together.”

S.M. – Milano

Good morning Dario, please find here below some pictures of my wedding day: the suit was a success! I received a lot of compliments from everybody. Hearfelt thanks.”

G.Q. – Piovene Rocchette (Vicenza)

(the mother of the groom)
Here I am to show you my son’s wedding pictures: your suit was beautiful and I was so proud! Massimo wore it also for a friend’s wedding and everyone asked him who had made that suit…”

Signora Z. – Schio (Vicenza)

Dear Luciano, I love the latest suit you made for me… high rating! Thank you.”

D.G. – Bologna

I called you after seeing the suit you made for Massimo, my brother-in-law: he wore during the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of foundation of his foundry (did you read the news article on the local newspaper?). Many people admired his perfect and elegant suit during the night, and I simply had to ask who had manufactured so beautiful a suit. And here I am!”

M.V. – Thiene (Vicenza)

(while fitting)
It’s perfect… I never had so beautiful a jacket!”

G.R. – Vicenza

Well Dario, I receive lots of compliments since I have been wearing your suits. It had never happened before!”

P.L. – Rovereto (Trento)

Dear Luciano, I wore yesterday my new suit: very good impression! Now I’m looking forward to the opportunity to wear my morning suit…”

S.A. – Savona

Dario, the overcoat you made for my husband is beautiful: people on the street not only look at it but also try to touch it while passing by!”

Sig.ra Z. – Trento

Great, Luciano! A perfect service, as usual, thank you so much. Have a nice day.”

M.F. – Vicenza

(a new customer)
I contemplate the masterpiece you made for me, its details and I perceive the passion you put in your creations. I admire the precision and appreciate the pleasure of wearing my new jacket. I am grateful and hope our customer/tailor relationship will last long. Thanks indeed, Dario.”

D.V. – Costabissara (Vicenza)

Dear Dario, I guess you will be glad to know that yesterday James wore your jacket for the fist time, during an important meeting at the university, and he received many appreciations for its tailoring and its fabric.”

O.S. – Schio ( Vicenza)

That blue suit.. how much do I owe to that blue suit. In this case the cowl really makes the monk. To Luciano, with the expressions of my friendship and gratitude.”

L.S. – Trento

Contrarily to my father’s usual exhortation –never reveal your tailor’s name!- I proudly declare that my tailors are Dario and Luciano, of Sartoria Silvio Zanella.

L.S. – Trento

Dario, do you know this is my first made to measure suit? I’m excited.”

P.B. – Trieste

Thanks to your suit I rediscovered the pleasure of being elegant: I have just met an important customer of mine who, astonished, told me: – Are you really engineer G.? I had not recognized you, so dressed!- I was wearing your latest suit.”

B.G., Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza)

Mr Maurizio, the owner of the masks shop, gave me your address telling me he would not renounce for anything in the world to wear one of your tailored suits. So I would like to fix a meeting as well…”

O.S.,  Venice

At the beginning I was a little bit dubious… I could not imagine the finished suit. Now I’m wearing it and I know I did well in trusting you, Dario: you really advised me nicely. Thank you.”

M.S., Caldonazzo – (Trento)

Dear Mr Zanella, please find here enclosed an extract from our local newspaper: you will surely appreciate it since it tells about the suits you made for me… – ROVERETO, LOCAL PRESS REPORT- REGARDING OUTFIT MR B. IS MORE THAN A MATCH FOR THE OTHERS. Ten nominees, all wearing dark coloured suits, blue or grey… Only B.B. distinguishes himself wearing warm, brownish jacket and trousers – English country style- which fit perfectly. So, with regard to elegance, he is more than a match for the others.”

B.B., Rovereto – (Trento )

I would like you make a suit for me because everyone speaks well of you…”

L.S., Schio – (Vicenza)

This light blue jacket is a work of genius!”

A.N. – Venice

I am really proud I am a customer of yours.”

L.P. – Schio ( Vicenza)

(after fitting his first tailored suit)

Well… it’s quite another thing!”

D.C. – Verona

This morning my husband is wearing the latest suit you made for him: you made him happy!”

Mrs M.P. – Isola Vicentina (Vicenza)

This suit has turned out very well, I feel the jacket perfectly fitting my back.”

M.N. – Venice

My husband wore your suit in occasion of our daughter’s wedding : the bride’s father was the most elegant of all guests! Thank you.”

Mrs S.S. – Schio (Vicenza)

Dear Luciano,

please find here enclosed my photo published in our magazine A.: as you can see, your suit has appeared in the front cover…”

S.V. – Treviso

Dear Sirs,

you manufactured for me a nice Summer suit with Urquhart checks fabric. I would be pleased to receive your proposal for a Winter suit, same pattern… Please, send me a swatch of fabric. The tailoring of the Summer suit was perfect. Kind regards.”

A.G. – Trieste

To Luciano and Dario: hi guys! It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other and it’s your suits’ fault: their fabrics and tailoring never die! I want to see you and order something: when are you at the tailor’s shop? Let me know , please. Have a nice week- end.”

S.M. – Treviso

Dear Luciano,

here is to you a photo of the party: your suit achieved resounding success !!!”

M.P. – Genova

The suit you made for me is very nice… not to mention the dinner jacket: I wore it at a soirée in London and people complimented me so much that my wife became jealous!”

U.C. – Vicenza

Dario, you will never believe me! Last week I was walking in Jermyn Street, London, when a fine gentleman in his sixties approached me to ask where I had got my wonderful red trousers. –At my Italian tailor’s- I replied. He greatly admired them and got along… I was delighted!”

F.S. – Schio (Vicenza)

Dear Dario,

please find the picture showing Luigi with his new tailored shirt: he looks just like a fashion plate! Thanks a lot.”

Mrs M.M. – Schio (Vicenza)

Dear Mr Zanella, ,

sorry for our late reply to your Christmas wishes, but we have just come back from a holiday in Morocco. We would like to inform you that our future son-in-law wore his tailored shirt and it was perfect, ready to be worn on wedding day. Once again thank you for your kindness and willingness. Wishing your work always progresses in the best way, we forward kind regards.”

M. e L. P. – Biella

Thanks a lot, Luciano, you have been super! Please find a picture showing me while wearing the suit. My compliments for your excellent work.”

T.M. – Portogruaro (Venezia)

Dear Luciano,

as promised I send you a photo of my wedding. Thanks a lot, wonderful suit!

A.P. – Cartigliano (Vicenza)

Dear Dario,

I was going into a restaurant in Venice when I met on the door Philippe Starck, the famous French designer, who looked at my jacket and told me: - Very very cool, my compliments!- Then we took a photo together: I will send you…”

F.D. – Vicenza

I was looking for a tailor when I saw your website… your story convinced me!”

D.P. – Mezzocorona (Trento)

Dario, Luciano, I always remember you with pleasure and I do promise to visit you soon together with a close friend, since I want he becomes a customer of yours!”

S.M. – Treviso

Dear Dario, thank you for delivering: the suit fits very well, as well the shirt. Please give me your bank details. Thank you again and see you soon.”

B.B. – Rovereto (Trento)

Dear Luciano e Dario,

I’m glad to know you will take part to Milano Fashion Week. I will not be able to visit you in via Tortona, but I would like to highlight that your tailoring is a handicraft excellence. I wish you a full success!

O.C. – Santorso (Vicenza)

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