Dear Mr Zanella, good morning.
I received the Scottish wool and silk jacket Friday: I fit it several times and I am very satisfied so far. It is really a magnificent piece of tailoring, with an ultimate cloth and precise cutting feature. The pearl buttons are brighteIing. The color of the cloth is absolutely unique. There are plenty of blue cloth this Spring/Summer 2016, but none I saw are like the mine… and the trousers suit me perfectly.”

H.D.L. – Audun-Le-Tiche

Dear Mr Zanella,

I have met my friend Frank, one of your best customers, this week-end and he was wearing a beautiful jacket, blue with white elbow pad: I was so jealous! He told me you were coming punctually in Paris… It would be a pleasure to meet you at this occasion.”

S.S.d.C. – Paris

Dear Mr Zanella,

the jacket suits me perfectly. I look at it in every detail and I must admit it is magnificent (Il Gran Lusso). The jacket represents the perfect combination of your masterful craftsmanship in tailoring and the finest cloth…. Finally I made an excellent choice of the blue fabric… and golden and blue buttons… You perfectly understood my wishes and my classic, old style. The founder Silvio Zanella himself would have been proud for the work that you performed for my blazer jacket. I hope we will meet again in autumn and define together the cloth and buttons of a new jacket…In the meantime I wish you and all your efficient team every success.”

H.D.L. – Audun-Le-Tiche

Dear Dario and Daniela,

thank you so much for such a beautiful suit. It looks great, it feels great, really appreciate it. Big hug from Marseille.”

T.Y. – Marseille

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