icona-email Sent: 30 August 2017

(indeed, two months later…)
Dario the pink jacket was/is amazing. Would love to meet. I would love to have a waistcoat made to match my jacket please – can you hold back some material for me please and we can measure up when I see you. Regs”

J.M.L. – London

icona-email Sent: 13 July 2017

Hi Dario, come stai? Please find a photo of our party in Saint-Tropez: the clothes were a huge success. Tom looked amazing!”

Mrs R.R. – London

icona-email Sent: 15 June 2017

(sold as seen)
Hi Dario, I was out for dinner yesterday evening in my pink jacket. Two of my friends loved the jacket and would both like to have one made. Are you able to get more of the same pink material? I think they both could become very good clients. I hope you are well. Regards.”

J.P. – London

icona-email Sent: 2 April 2017

Dear Dario, I hope you are well and you have got home safely. I am extremely happy with my suits and would like to thank you again for tailoring. Kind regards.”

A.E. – London

icona-email Sent: 22 February 2017

Thank you Dario for informing of your travel to London. I hope you are well! I am enjoying wearing the beautiful blue suit. I am sadly not going to be in the country on those dates. I wish you a successful visit.”

P.K. – Brighton

Good morning Dario,
thank you very much! The blue suit is great! Very happy with it!

D.K. – Londra

Hi Dario,
the suit was delivered and is a perfect fit. I’ve just made the payment to your account.”

A.B. – Londra

Hi Dario,
I get amazing comments about my pink jacket… everyone loves it. People stop me in the street and ask where I got it! Four gentlemen stopped and asked me yesterday. Now I would like to have one made in the same sort of material but in ‘baby blue’…”

J.P. – Londra

I like your advising me: if a cloth or a color is not suitable for me, you tell me frankly; you do not want to sell a suit at all costs… much appreciated. This make me feel more confident.”

A.N. – Londra

(some time later)
Dear Dario,
I have received the suit. It is absolutely beautiful! I also appreciate the work you did on the lapels. I am looking forward to the next occasion I have to wear it. I am starting a long spell of travel and it will travel with me. Grazie Mille! (And thank you for the little gift hidden in the pocket). A bientôt.”

P.K. – Brighton

Dear Mr Zanella,
one of your customers, Mr J.B., gave me your contact details. I noticed the cut of his suit as we were on the same flight from Frankfurt to London. I would be interested in finding out how you go about discussing and designing a bespoke suit. Mr B. said you operated both in London and in Italy. Many thanks.
P.K. – Brighton

P.K. – Brighton

My dear Dario,

I have just received the jacket we had designed together: it’s wonderful, exactly as I wanted. I am left speechless.”

A.N. – London

Dear Dario,

thanks indeed for your masterpieces: the suits are simply unique. Bravo to all of you.”

A.N. – London

Dario, the suit is a beauty! Please let me know the date of your next visit to London, I would like to introduce you a new customer. Thank you.”

S.C. – London

(and here it is the new customer…)

Hi, I’m a good friend of Stefano and I LOVED the blue suit you recently made for him. I would like to arrange a fitting, please…”

L.B.- London

Dear Dario, I love the jacket: great tailoring!”

D.T. – London

Hi Dario, my suits have arrived and my mother too loved them so much. Thanks indeed.”

F.C. – London

My dear Dario,

the jacket is fabulous… really fabulous. Martin’s jacket too is great, he will surely write you.”

A.N. – London

(and a little bit later…)

Everything has arrived, both jacket and suit look amazing… Thanks.”

M.F. – London

Dear Dario,

I have seen you will be in London on March and I will be abroad, unfortunately! But the blue jacket you made for me recently is so beautiful that I want another one, as beautiful as it, but lighter, for Summer: linen, maybe? Let me know when you are back in London.”

N.M. – London

Faboulous suits, bravo!”

N.M. – London

(writing to a friend)

Bill, you need to see Dario. He is the best tailor under the sun, you will like his work.”

W.G. – London

Dario, hope you’re well. I received the package yesterday. Both trousers and jacket fit very well, I am very happy with the outcome. Let’s meet when you’re back in London after summer. Thanks.”

G.B. – London

Been wearing the new suits and LOVE THEM!!! They are great, I like the slightly wider leg opening like you did. Thank you!!! Can you please post me some swatches of fabric for my next suit? I’m open to what you might want to show me but please very conservative. My home address in London is …”

C.Y. – London

Hi Dario, I wore the shirts and they fit very well, I’m very satisfied! Best,”

P.V. – London

Dear Dario,

suits arrived safely and they are beautiful. The size of waist works very well. Have a great summer!”

D.T. – London

My dear Dario,

thank you so much for your masterpieces: on Friday I was out of office so I have been able to see them only now… they are INCREDIBLE! And thank you for the pochette, too. Merry Christmas!

A.N. – London

(after taking part to a party)

Wearing your smoking I was the star of the night!”

W.G. – London

Dear Dario,

how are you? I just want to let you know I wore the suit and it strikes me as very nice, furthermore, next time you will be in London, I would like to see a grey fabric for a new suit. Thanks indeed and regards.”

C.D.M. – London

Dear Dario,

I hope you are well and have travelled safely from London. Andrea brought me the overcoat, past Friday: I like it so much, it is really beautiful! Thanks a lot, have a nice week.”

L.B. – London

“…By the way, the blue jacket is really splendid, I received lots of compliments on it!”

G.B. – London

Dear Daniela, Dear Dario,

thank you for your wishes and for your symphaty in occasion of such a special day. And, Dario, the suit… a masterpiece! You are really a class master!”

A.N. and L.B. – London

(first meeting…)

Good morning Dario, pleased to meet you. I recognized you from a distance thanks to your suit: really nice.”

J.P. – London

(after wearing a new suit of his, Mr J.P. looks proudly at the mirror. The customer speaks a little Italian, he is very satisfied and says brightly):

Dario, tomorrow I’m attending an important meeting: I will wear this suit and…SPACCO TUTTO (tr. I will rock)!”

J.P. – London

I travelled to Frankfurt last week and while I was on Taunusanlage, I noticed a gentleman observing me while he was walking in my direction. He reached and gently greeted me, then he proceeded along the street. But after few steps he turned and asked: – You have absolutely to tell me where you bought that wonderful blue pinstriped suit!- And I proudly replied: – I did not buy, my Italian tailor made it for me.-”

A.N. – London

Dario, I lost some weight, so I gave the jacket you manufactured for me to a local tailor for taking in: he told me that the jacket was really well done and he wanted to know your name and address… a British tailor appreciating the work of an Italian tailor: not so usual!”

J.B. – London

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