Dear Mr Zanella,

thank you very much, the suits are just perfect-fabric quality and fitting- just perfect! It is definitely not the last time I have purchased a suit from you.”

N.L.- Copenhagen

Hi Dario,

I have just tested the new suits and they are perfect and I am very happy for all. Thanks!”

S.B. – Copenhagen

The suits I have bought from you are definitely the best quality I have tried and I will be glad to buy more from you, so please keep me on your mailing list and inform me of your next visits to Copenhagen.”

H.H. – Copenhagen

Dear Dario,  

have by now received the suits, and I’m using them. They are very fine and I’m glad that Henrik persuaded me to take 3 suits. Thank you!”

L.K. – Copenhagen

Dear Dario,

just few lines to tell you that the suits you manufactured for me are SUPERLATIVE: fabrics, designs and fitting. I’m looking forward your next visit… All the best.”

J.S.S. – Holte

Dear Dario,

fitting of jacket is perfect. Please proceed balance (2 further jackets) and ship directly to company address…”

P.K. – Taastrup

Dear Dario,

I just saw and tried the tuxedo you have made. It is simply beautiful and delicious and perfect! Thank you very much. Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards.”

J.H. – Vedbaek

Dear Dario,

I am so happy, the trousers fit perfectly. Thank you.”

J.S.S. – Holte

Everything great. Thanks.”

H.V.M. – Copenhagen

Fitting of pants is SUPER. And also jacket is very good.”

H.S. – Dragoer

The coat is really beautiful. After taking my measures you obtained a great result: do all my suits in this way! Tag/Thank you.”

F.H. – Rungsted

Dear Mr Zanella, thanks. The further two jackets are well received and they fit perfectly. I have this morning instructed my bank to transfer to your account according to received invoice.”

 Thanks again! Venlig hilsen / Best regards.

P.K. – Taastrup

”I have been travelling this week, so I have just had the opportunity to try the trousers today. They fit perfectly and I have just made the payment to you.”

J.E. – Vedbaek

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